The Dark Spot

This story will require some of your participation to figure out this mystery. You see no one knows anything of what is going on in this city that is still alive except Bob and I. I know my share of the story, but I won’t be caught dead going near that place again. That is where you come in detective. Your new assignment is to figure out what this thing is, where it came from, how is it getting stronger, how do we kill it and why is it here. I know you won’t fail me you have a great reputation following you.

Now for your debriefing detective. This all started on a farmland 5 years ago in a small town called Crofsville, Ohio. This is a small farm town that consists of a population of 222. In this town everyone knows everyone so when a stranger walks into this town everyone becomes weary. They do not like outsiders or welcome them at all, so watch your back as you go about your business. I would recommend wearing boots, as their streets are a dirt and gravel mix and there are farm animals everywhere. The houses are all the same style ranches and painted red and have seen better days. You may want to get a map to find your way around. Enough about the town let’s get on with the deduction.

There is a farmer who goes by the nickname “Portal Keeper”. The town gave him this nickname because on his farmland there is a mysterious dark spot that no crops or any living thing can grow on and ever since it appeared strange events have been happening, but we will get more into the detail of what this dark spot caused in a bit. For now let us stay focused on the Portal Keeper. His real name is Bob Friket. He is 6 foot tall, 188 pounds, has long brown hair that goes to about his shoulders, and he sports a thick beard that can make any man jealous. He moved to Crofsville 6 years ago looking to start up his own farming business because he was sick of the inner city style of business.  When he moved to Crofsville he had a wife and son; however, five years ago they disappeared while they were out in the field one night. They have not been seen since. Now Bob keeps himself locked inside his house and only ventures out once a week on Mondays at 6 am to stock up on some food and supplies for the week.

After living this way for a year things started to get weird for Bob. The weather began to change randomly in the morning and people began to disappear just like his wife and son had. This is where his nickname comes into play.  His farmland used to be the richest and was the best for growing crops. Bob made a fortune off his first year and saw a bright future ahead for his new found business. The second year was a different story. The dark spot showed up in the middle of his farmland and Bob had no idea what happened or what caused it. He would spend endless hours during the day trying to get crops, flowers or anything to grow on this spot. The area the spot covered was one foot by one foot square. It was light brown in color and the locals could not figure how or why it was there. This mysterious dark spot grew to be 3 feet by 3 feet after the night his wife and son disappeared.

Bob retold the events to me of the night his family disappeared. He said the ground started shaking, so hard that dirt flew up and the wind started blowing in a wild vortex. There were no screams or any sounds made by his wife or son when they disappeared they were just gone. He said he ran outside to investigate to see what was happening, but he had to run back inside because he could barely move or see anything. At that time he did not realize his wife and son were near the dark spot until he noticed his wife’s scarf and son’s teddy bear go flying by the window. This strange event continued for 10 minutes before slowing to a stop. Then the air was filled with a thick, and musky smelling odor near the dark spot. As he tried to approach this dark square the ground started to shake again so he quickly ran as fast as he could back to his home to get away. And yet again everything came to a stop and all was calm.

The next morning the air was very thick with a barn yard aroma. The sweet and soothing smell of manure was relaxing and almost alluring like a drug. Many of the locals came to his farm that morning because of the unique new smell and most stayed all day just because they could not get enough of it. As the sun set there were and 4 locals still sitting right next to the dark spot. The smell died down half way through the day Bob described but for some reason those 4 were still there as if the smell was still present. Nighttime came again and Bob locked himself inside his house expecting the same results to occur again. Sure enough it did the ground shook, the wind was blowing east to west and again lasted for 10 minutes. Whenever this event calmed down again no one was to be seen. The 4 people who were sitting there were gone. The only remains were two socks, one necktie, and three shoes. The next morning had the same exact alluring smell and the spot had grown to be a 7 foot by 7 foot square now. The locals started blaming Bob for using dark magic and creating this “portal”. It had been two nights and now six people were missing from Bob’s land.

Many of the locals have lived in this town over 10 years and have never seen anything like this happen so it had to be Bobs doing. The next day a something changed. Again, in the morning the townsfolk collected on his farm, but this time everyone left before the sun went down. That evening Bob stayed up all night but nothing happened. The ground was still, the wind was still and all was calm.

The next morning the alluring smell that everyone came to love was missing and no longer there. This irritated the locals. They had become crazed with the overpowering smell, but also the greed that came with the new found fame and fortune to the point that they demanded Bob to do whatever he had done before. The word was spreading and more people from the next town came over and business was good for those who stayed at work and did not go to his farm. Bob tried to explain again what was happening but no one would listen.

Ever since that first occurrence people have been drawn to the dark spot and now five years later the dark spot is 32 foot by 32 foot. The locals still blame Bob the “Portal Keeper” for everything that has happened to the town. They refuse to serve him or allow him purchase anything in their town but Bob refuses to leave because he loves that town and does not want to leave his family’s grave site. Bob now fends for himself. He grows his own food on the portion of the land that is not part of the dark spot. Always hoping that spot will stop growing.

The main reason why I brought you here detective is because recently the activities of the dark spot have gotten worse. Now the ground shakes, shoots dirt up into the sky, the wind is a swirling pattern, large pointy rocks are coming out of the ground to become part of this vortex it creates. We still do not know what it is or what it wants or if there is something living in the ground. Hopefully you will be able to help detective. Report back to me with whatever you find out.



Hello Everyone,


Before I get started with blogging I would like to introduce myself by:

1) Telling you who I am.

2) Why I chose to start blogging.

3) What I will be blogging about.

4) How you can leave me feedback and other ways of staying in touch.


Lets get started shall we.


1) My name is Edward Springer Jr. I am 25 years old. I have been happily married to the love of my life since October 24, 2009. I live in Ohio. I am currently a full time REALTOR® . My hobbies are playing any kinds of sports, playing video games (console, portable, and PC), fantasy sports (football, baseball and basketball), cooking has been a hobby I have recently become to love and playing with my pets. I do own 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 turtle and a bunch of fish. I am a huge animal lover and absolutely adore all kinds. I am a very creative individual and love to combine different ideas together to see what happens. With that being said I am also a very curious individual, I can never learn to much. Each day I try to become an even better person than I was the day before.


2) I chose to start blogging because like I said above I am a very creative individual and I thought it would be a great idea to start putting all these thoughts that run through my head on paper because it would make people smile, laugh and well just entertain you. Also, I started this blog because one of my future goals is to become an author as well. Starting a blog will give me some experience with writing and connecting with people who can give back great feedback, ideas and interaction. Lastly, this blog is for fun, I just want everyone to enjoy themselves.


3) What I am going to be writing about is my personal experiences whether it be everyday life or job related, short stories, and writing out my weekly vlog which I will be doing on Youtube. I do have many more ideas but I am going to start off with these and see how it goes from there.


4) You can leave feedback of any kinds. Whether it’s giving advice for future posts, disagreements on what I say, or anything you would like to see me write about. If you do wish to contact me outside of the blog please email at I am also on Facebook and Pinterest feel free to add me as friend.


I know I have a lot of ideas but what are your ideas? What would you like to see me write about in short stories?